The idea behind this work was to create a shape that would reduce down to a defined pattern in the same way that you can reduce or increase a fractal image - once again an exploration of "maths" in design. It was extremely difficult to remember the number of iterations and manage the distance to complete the pattern because the site was on a slope and my initial layout was blown away.

I appreciated the effect of the contrast in colors - the green against the brown ground and the green trees against the blue sky.

land arts star

Each iteration of the design is a bundle of pine needles about 25cms in length so this work is rather large.

land arts starThis was another work that I was able to come back to and was very surprised to see that it was all still intact - all that had changed was the colors. The color change reflected the life that was in the environment already.when the trees are alive they come out of the brown soil and turn green then when the needles were removed from the tree they returned to the brown of the earth as if the green was the representation of life.