One of my early works explores the harmonic patterns in nature and their underlying mathematical foundations. As a graphic, this design works because it is a repetition of 3 - in the number of spirals in the main shape, 3 flowers adjoining and 6 buds that ran diagonally through the work. I am sure the number of petals on each flower would be a pattern as well.

Spiral pattern in flowers
These dandelions are perceived as weeds by most however the vibrancy of the yellow looks almost man-made. In suburban areas, they are mown over because they interrupt the 'squares of green' that are household lawns.

The design of the petals themselves is not elongated like other petals but rather a cut-off square. This shape is described as "dent de lion" - from the French, meaning lion's tooth.


The spiral shape itself looks like a man made shape but it occurs in nature in shells, galaxies and the arrangements of petals and leaves in plants.

Shell spiral pattern

Links on Fibonacci sequence in nature, the Golden Section and sacred geometry: