This DVD records 5 works at differnet locations within the Caboolture Shire. The project was part funded by the RADF (Regional Arts Development Fund) in partnership with the Caboolture Shire Council.

In the past, I have simply photographed my land art. The next level was to produce a DVD of my work as that medium would allow a wider audience to experience art created in and with nature. Aesthetically the DVD allowed me to explore different styles as well as a commentary and explanation of these works. Technically I was able to really create a sense of atmosphere by using surround sound, timelapse photography and both composing and playing an original musical score. Every aspect of the DVD - artworks, filming, editing, motion graphics, , music, cover & label design was my creation.

Filming took place over 6 days in varied settings as I was trying to get a sample of the shire's different ecosystems. It was challenging to manage the technical aspects of filming and still be in the mind-set to produce art in harmony with the landscape as the two endeavours are diametrically opposed.


(Leaves Mt Mee)

The first piece was shot at Mt. Mee (picture above) I have wanted to work here for a long time as it was the first location that I came in contact with land art in the environment. Some children had left some stones piled on top of each other in the river and I came across them a few days later when there was no one else around. The simple act of placing stones on top of each other without leaving a signature was extremely impactful. So it is fitting that I should start this documentary at this location.