Like most artists I started out drawing and sketching as a child. In primary school, my largest work was painting large cartoons on bedroom walls. I would also use a 20 foot blackboard under the house to create new artworks.

Naturally, art then became the pivotal focus of my life. I explored many avenues - sculpture, cartooning, jewellery making, welding, painting (oil and acrylic), sketching and cariacatures. Throughout high school, I was heavily influenced by abstract styles of painting and sculpture which moved my work into an early 'techno cubist style'

I listen widely to both classical music and jazz and enjoy attending live concerts. I am particularly inspired by musicians who seem to have the same approach to their art form (music) as mine is in representational art - the music of The Necks, Steve Reich and Philip Glass to name a few.

I completed B.Multimedia at Griffith University , to add the dimension of computer graphics (motion & still) and video editing to my skills. My working life has been the production of broadcast graphics and also multimedia applications. These skills are an essential ingredient of designing, capturing and presenting my land art. I have recently started to time-lapse the works so that the viewer can see the progression of the work thus I will be able to document this work further with video to produce yearly DVD's of this art.

image description
balancing wood