Land art is a style of art which uses elements found in nature to build a sculpture that works in harmony with a given location. The process is to work totally within the environment which means the work ultimately becomes subject to the forces that will alter or destroy it.

Through photography we try to capture a moment in time. Video captures the progression of time in a linear fashion. Painting represents our reality of the moment (or our distortion of it). Sculpture creates a concrete reality of an idea or a representation of a form. Land art doesn't offer a reflection of a moment in time but the unfolding progression of time (the time the work is viewed) .through time lapse photography, it offers the viewer a way of seeing the processes that are going on all around them and even how their own physical form moves through time.

Mankind has a perception that the world is in a sense only a backdrop to the importance of our individual social lives. However the intricacies and subtle forms of communication in the natural world are far superior to anything humans have created or ever could create. As an artist, if you can work with this intelligence and show it to people through a medium that is instinctually familiar to them, then the work needs no signature or explanation - it just is what it is until it disappears.

- Brad Schwede

land art


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